C.W. Hood 32 Images



CW Hood 32
CW Hood 32 bow


The graceful bow of a CW Hood 32 slices through the water. Photo by Billy Black.


CW Hood 32 bow CW Hood 32 moored CW Hood 32 Spinnaker CW Hood 32 underway CW Hood 32 bow waveCW Hood 32s crossing CW Hood 32 chocks CW Hood 32 Diane
CW Hood 32 cockpit Electric Inboard Closed Electric Inboard Open Electric inboard control panel Electric inboard throttle Battery and inboard charger





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CW Hood 32 Electric inboard motor Sillette




Build CW Hood 32 Sailboat

build cw hood 32 sailboat pictures

The build photos above show true one-off construction, which was utilized for hulls #1 and #2. Now that production molds have been constructed, subsequent hulls are being built using the molds.


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