The CW Hood 50: Boldly Go Wherever.


CW Hood 50


CW Hood 50










Welcome aboard our biggest launch to date. Wrapped inside the classy, salty styling of the

CW Hood 50 is an incredibly roomy interior - offering over 600 square feet of living space -

and an impressive array of modern systems. It's akin to having a luxurious waterfront condo,

only you can move on to a new waterfront setting any time you please.


The CW Hood 50's unique, customizable layout allows you the freedom to create a cabin plan

that works best for your cruising needs. Standard 6-cylinder Cummins diesels with pod drives permit speeds

approaching 30 knots, but you'd never guess it sitting at the helm. Thanks to careful attention

to noise and vibration, this powerful yacht offers a remarkably smooth and quiet ride, even at

wide open throttle. The Hood/Zurn-designed hull cuts cleanly through the seas and exhibits

little trim underway. No matter your destination, this is the Hood yacht to take you there.


Send us an email or give our office a call at 781.631.0192 to learn more about the CW Hood 50 and 52.